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Real Madrid And Barcelona Better Than Ever

September 3, 2013 8:13 pm EDT by Aydin Reyhan

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
The La Liga has been a two-way race between Real Madrid and Barcelona for quite some time now. Both sides have won numerous amounts of domestic and cup titles in recent times. Now that they have both added yet another world class prospect, their success and dominance is expected to grow even larger.
To join Messi, a young Brazilian starlet named Neymar left his beloved Santos to join forces with the best player in the world. Together, they are expected to run the show that will keep bringing home trophy after trophy, and there will be no luck involved.
Neymar is a left winger, whereas Messi is a center forward. The Argentine is responsible for attracting defenders towards him so that he can use his teammates to create attacks that we have not yet been able to fathom. With Neymar ruling that left wing at all times with his skills speed and gifted abilities, his job just got that much easier. Messi and Neymar together will be a dream for supporters and teammates, but nothing short of a nightmare for opposing parties.
Ronaldo has been at Real since the year 2009, and from that year until now, he has cemented his name into the minds and hearts of anyone who knows this team, as the best player  in recent times. He has been doing most of the work to run this team towards the recent successes they have had.
Now, an even more expensive player has been brought in from the Premier League to help him continue the success.
Ladies and gentlemen, for roughly 100 million Euros, Tottenham winger/strikerGareth Bale is officially the new No. 11 at Real Madrid, and he is ready to make things happen.
With Ronaldo teaming up with Bale, they are the two most expensive players in the history of the beautiful sport of soccer, and they are expected to destroy every single team that they face. If one player has a bad game, the other has to be nearly perfect. If teams find ways to shut them both down, all of that money spent will be for nothing. If they succeed in winning, however, good things are to come.
Now, we look at predictions for this season:
Barcelona has a squad that is capable of scoring many goals this season, and if they avoid injuries, they can easily win the league title once again, and perhaps even the Champions League once again.
Real Madrid has to figure out who will lead this team, and how they are going to balance the attack and defense with all of the new payers aboard. If they figure things out and learn how to gel the new blood with the old, this team can also win the league title and do well in the Champions League.
Who will win?

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