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Neymar – Brazil’s overrated star

Neymar during a pre-season friendly against his former club, Santos. (©GettyImages)


Neymar is a very talented player, but will he succeed at Barcelona?

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Neymar during a pre-season friendly against his former club, Santos.(©GettyImages)
Neymar is certainly one of Brazil’s most talented footballers, but is he THE most talented? The former Santos star truly produces moments of magic that many cannot, but how much of a presence is the South American starlet over a 90 minute match? Is his impact on an entire football match as large as – say Oscar’s at Chelsea?
For the last couple of years, Neymar had been one of the most in-demand footballers in the world, until Barcelona FINALLY secured his signature for a staggering transfer fee of £48.6million. 
With 136 goals in 225 games for Santos, it was no surprise that so many teams wanted to ‘break the bank’ to land the young Brazilian.
But is this extreme admiration for Neymar over-shadowing impressive performances from the likes of Oscar, who may be even better than the former Santos star.
Oscar’s record in terms of goals and assists may not be as impressive as Neymar’s, but 44 goals and 35 assists in 148 games is still VERY impressive. One thing we can certainly debate is whether Oscar may actually be better than Neymar.
Neymar regularly disappears during games. The tantalising moments of magic he produces can often be deceitful towards people who gauge his performances based on these magical moments. 
Oscar, on the other hand, produced consistent minute-by-minute performances during his maiden season at Chelsea last season.
Despite these impressive performances, it seems as though football fans will not allow Oscar to step out of Neymar’s shadow just yet. 
Oscar might continue to suffer from the same partial obscurity that Andres Iniesta suffers from when playing alongside Lionel Messi at Barcelona. 
Though it is still up for debate, having the opinion that Neymar is overrated is by no means idiotic, nor insane. For a matter-of-fact, there are many people that agree with the notion that the new Barcelona star is overrated, and they may very well be correct.

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