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Paper Talk: Hiddink, Ronaldo, Rooney, Ar

Paper Talk: Hiddink, Ronaldo, Rooney, Arsenal, Bale, Messi, Maradona, Neymar – great yarns and videos

Wonderful world of football … Paper Talk scours the globe.
It’s that time of the week where we scour the globe for the best football yarns and videos doing the rounds.
Paper Talk could probably rest on its laurels each week and rely on Alessandro Del Piero or Cristiano Ronaldo providing us our goal fix. But, we’re bigger and better than that.
You want volleys? From outside the box? At an acute angle?
Then it’s off to the Turkish third division for Altay’s Korhan Ozturk thriller against Anadolu Selcukluspor, in the video at the top of the page.
As you’d expect of a game dubbed one “the world will stop for”, the fall-out from Real Madrid’s win over Manchester United is dominating football talk this week.
One of the interesting things raised once the hysteria of Nani’s send-off died down was Sir Alex Ferguson’s failure to react to Nani’s send-off.
Fergie’s match tactics have been widely praised, as United look unthreatened against Madrid until the red-card. But it’s overshadowed some very measured criticism starting to appear.
After the send-off, Mourinho sent Karim Benzema, who he was ready to bring on, back to the bench and summoned Luka Modric immediately in a bid to start to dominate the midfield. Ferguson waited until the 73rd minute to bring Rooney on as his first change.
Where Nani, Welbeck and Giggs had worked energetically to congest the midfield, did Ferguson err in not bringing another body on to re-clog the space?

Celebration … Real Madrid.
Meanwhile, sometimes you just can’t win.
Jose struts around “calmly” – but he doesn’t “do a good modest”.
Ronaldo shows “humility” by not celebrating, yet it brings more attention on him.
Oh, the things we worry about.
“This really annoys me,” Jamie Redknapp wrote after the game. “Why don’t players celebrate goals? It’s rubbish. People say it’s a sign of respect to a former team, but I think it’s nonsense.”
Consider this funny post-script doing the rounds after the game: “is Danny Welbeck, United’s version of Dirk Kuyt?”
So if Rooney isn’t good enough to fill that hole as a workhorse, does that make Rooney a poor man’s Kuyt?
It wouldn’t be a round-up of rumours without spotlight on Stamford Bridge.
First up, it’s on the coaching front.
Anything to read into Guus Hiddink’s comments earlier this week?
“They have gone through a lot of changes. I’m the only man who wasn’t sacked,” he said.
“I said to Dutch television that I might stop at the end of the season, but we have other options to go on with (Anzhi Makhachkala in Russia).
“And regarding other clubs, I’m 66 now and will be 67 in autumn. As long as I feel energetic and I’m not becoming an old, bitter, sour man, then I can go on.But I cannot predict where I am next season.”
On the playing front, the club has tried to distance itself from rumours that they have started talks with Frank Lampard over a new contract; Bild in Germany claim moves are being made to sign Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez as a replacement for misfiring Spaniard Fernando Torres, while club chief executive Ron Gourley told a press conference in Bangkok that the club will continue to strengthen on the pitch.
“We will continue to strength the team and I am expecting the introduction of two or three new players and hopefully they will be in place in time to be part of the team in Thailand.”
Forget the battle for supremacy in north London. The real reason Tottenham Hotspur need to push on and secure a UEFA Champions League berth is to secure Gareth Bale.
The Daily Mail reports that should they qualify, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is prepared to offer him a five-year deal worth roughly £40m – an increase on his current £75,000 a week deal that keeps him at White Hart Lane until 2016.
Meanwhile, Metro reports that Aaron Lennon is a surprise target for Inter Milan,…

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