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Neymar Graces The Cover of Time Magazine

Neymar Graces The Cover of Time Magazine | TheOriginalWinger
Neymar Graces The Cover of Time Magazine

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Neymar gets the cover for the latest issue of Time Magazine in Latin America. As you can see, the magazine is calling him the next Pele. Whether that is true or not is still a long ways from being determined. But what is a certainly, is that Neymar is going to get mad coverage over the next 18 months. Not that he isn’t already, but with Brazil hosting the World Cup, and him being the face of the team, you can bet that there are a lot more magazine covers in his future.

A few excerpts from the story are below:

-On why he is still playing in his home country: “I always do what my heart tells me. For me, the right time has not come to leave Brazil. I am very happy… I think my decision would have been the same 15 years ago.”

-On Brazil hosting the 2013 World Cup: ”this Cup is happening at home, so the pressure on the Seleçã o is doubled.”

-Neymar describes Barca superstar Lionel Messi as ”an idol,” and says: ”It is fantastic how he is able to be decisive, to change a game.”

Luis Álvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, president of Neymar’s current squad Santos, tells TIME that he defines his job as “making sure Neymar has no reason to go.”

Juca Kfouri, the country’s pre-eminent soccer commentator, says about Neymar: ”He plays like Brazilians used to, without cynicism. He plays with a wink and a smile, like he’s having fun.”

The full article can be found at Time .

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