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Young British fan gets to meet Neymar af

Young British fan gets to meet Neymar after revealing he’s a fan of his music
Wednesday 1 Aug 2012 3:47 pm
Brazil star Neymar could possibly break British hearts in Olympic football this summer – but at least he has made the day of one young English fan after he met him at the team’s hotel.

Hero: Brazil superstar Neymar and his young British fan (Picture: YouTube/cbfTV)
The meeting was caught on video by the official TV station of the Brazilian national squad, with the clip starting by showing the boy being held by his father.

The child’s dad asks him who his favourite player is and he replies Neymar, ‘because he dinks it over people and scores loads of times’.

The father, who seems amused by the response, then asks the boy if he likes Neymar’s music – prompting the youngster to break into song.

The kid is then (it seems) magically whisked off to meet Neymar to the dulcet tones of John Lennon singing Imagine (slightly strange).

The boy hangs around and observes the Santos forward and his team-mates in the swimming pool and using the gym, before the video ends.

Touching. Sort of.

VIDEO: Watch Neymar meeting his ‘youngest’ UK fan


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