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Brazil vs. New Zealand 2012: Neymar Lead

Brazil vs. New Zealand 2012: Neymar Leads Olympics Group C
Posted: August 1st, 2012 in Olympics , Soccer by LALATE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Brazil vs. New Zealand 2012 (en vivo 6:30 AM PST) battle in their Group C Olympics match this morning. The match, however, is only critical for New Zealand. Previously, Brazil has already qualified to the next round of play in these Olympic Games.

Before today’s Brazil vs. New Zealand match, Brazil leads Group C. In fact, Brazil has already earned enough points in previous Group games to guaranteed it advancement to the next round, news analysts remind fans. Brazil leads Group C with six points. Only one other team will advance out of Group C. Currently, the rest of the field is close with Belarus holding three points, and Egypt and New Zealand both with one point respectively.

The broadcast of today’s game is expected to be tape delayed until this afternoon. But for live results of the match, click HERE . Brazil is one of two matches in Group C today. Also currently underway is Egypt vs. Belarus.

Prior to today’s match, Brazil has been a shooting powerhouse. On July 29, the team delivered a 3-1 defeat of Belarus. Team members making news that day were the incredible Neymar, Pato and Oscar. After Pato scored fifteen minutes in the match, Neymar came back with the game winning goal at the sixty-five minute match.

New Zealand, in turn, has shocked news with a mere one goal in two matches. That only goal came at Old Trafford against Egypt this week when Wood scored at the seventeen minute mark. The shot gave New Zealand a draw against Egypt.
UPDATE: Brazil has won 3-0. The team advances to the quarterfinals. Egypt also defeated Belarus today as well. Brazil advances first in Group C, Egypt in second.

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