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Neymar? I was having a conversation the

I was having a conversation the other day with my Dad and it got to the topic of Brazil, at which point he asked me why we don’t just bite the bullet and get Neymar if he’s so good.

At this point I explained to him that he’s unproven in Europe and didn’t want to move, and though his pace would be wonderful to have in our forward ranks, it’s hard to fit him into a line up without kicking someone else out!

But then I started thinking, he wants to stay in Brazil until the 2014 World Cup, but why?

And I’ve come to the conclusion he isn’t as confident as we all think, he fears that if he moves to Europe, he may well flop, at which point he might not be chosen for Brazil’s World Cup squad.

Now thinking long term, it is in him and his clubs best interests to sell while he’s hot, because at the moment they can charge monumental fees, and it’s unlikely to go higher, but if he fails his price could go down.

So with that and the fact that by the time the 2014 World Cup passes Torres will be 30, maybe we should find a way to convince Santos to sell and then give him back to them for as long as HE wants.

This way they get money, and have time to prepare for his departure, and we will get one of the world’s hottest properties in two years time.

Now this is all hypothetical and an idea just to keep me entertained with little high quality footie on, but do you think it could work?

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